We understand that successful revitalization efforts are measured by how they enrich lives, revitalize communities and stimulate economies.

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Community Development


At its core, Integral’s Community Development division is focused on delivering real estate solutions that are based on its Holistic Community Development Model. Using that model, Integral produces mixed-income, affordable and workforce housing developments that are people-centered community transformations - not simply transactions.

This unique vision was first put on display in Atlanta through Integral’s work as manager of the joint venture that partnered with the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) to plan and implement the revitalization of the site of the nation’s first public housing project. The result was a 60-acre comprehensive revitalization and the nation’s first holistic HOPE VI community revitalization, known today as Centennial Place.

The division is committed to creating and/or repurposing real estate to create environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects and communities for today and well into the future. It has transformed hundreds of acres in more than 15 cities and many states, producing more than 8,000 housing units in over 60 mixed-income, affordable and workforce housing developments, serving as Developer and General partner. The Company has been highly successful in transforming well positioned, yet overlooked, corridors into vibrant communities of choice, leveraging creative financing and other tools as part of the capital solution.

The Division helps to ensure the success of revitalization projects by developing and operating a mix of uses through the creation of pedestrian-friendly, 24/7 live-work-learn-play communities.  The firm has successfully completed or is currently completing over twelve (12) multi-phased, master planned, mixed-income, mixed-use and mixed-financed urban developments. Integral’s master planned communities have been implemented in many cases through partnerships with public and/or community-based partners.

We ensure sustainability by:
  • Proper mix of uses over time – including quality of life infrastructure
  • Restoration of market forces
  • Expansion of disposable income;
  • Expansion of services

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