The firm is committed to creating and/or repurposing real estate to create environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects and communities for today and well into the future.

In addition to socially responsible real estate projects, Integral’s Community Development division undertakes people-centered community transformations - not simply transactions.  This unique vision was first put on display in Atlanta through Integral’s work as Manager of the Joint Venture that partnered with the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) to plan and implement the revitalization of the site of the nation’s first public housing project. The result was a 60-acre comprehensive revitalization and the nation’s first HOPE VI community revitalization, known today as Centennial Place.

Integral's Commercial Real Estate division seeks to identify, enhance and capture value through the development and redevelopment of market-rate, mixed-use real estate in high density, ethnically-diverse urban communities. These projects encompass a mix of property types, including residential, retail, office and hospitality in selected high-barrier, urban markets.

In order to capitalize on the extraordinary opportunities in Texas to leverage Integral’s Community Development and Commercial Real Estate capabilities, the company has created a separate and focused business unit.  The presence of a significant number of areas targeted for redevelopment and revitalization, as well as the existence of an extensive transit network that has been established within the region, provide an opportunity for a team of professionals with diverse skills to expand the company’s maturing footprint.

Integral’s Investment Management division works with the various development operations of the company to source debt and equity capital to achieve financial closings, re-financings and recapitalization of their developments and investments.  In fulfilling those roles, investment management performs due diligence and internal underwriting to support the company’s project pursuit decisions.

Preserving assets and enhancing their value are the fundamental objectives of Integral’s Property Management division.  A full-service property and asset management company, its leadership employs thoughtful, economically viable and responsible solutions to create and maintain communities that enhance the fabric of residents’ lives, while providing solid returns on investment for owners and developers.

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