We know successful revitalization efforts are measured by how they enrich lives, revitalize communities, and stimulate economies.


The Integral Group took on the role of purchaser and master developer for the Assembly site, executing our vision for job creation, expanding the local tax base, and addressing housing affordability in a transit-oriented development. With our strategic approach, the site is set to drive regional economic development for years to come.

Working alongside development partners, the Integral Group accomplished notable milestones like establishing Serta Simmons Bedding’s Headquarters, Third Rail Studios, and Asbury Automotive. Exciting growth is on the horizon, including the addition of 1,200 residential units, including affordable senior housing.

Thanks to firm’s efforts, the area experienced a revitalization, attracted private investment, and replaced a significant number of the jobs lost when the GM plant sat vacant for seven years without a redevelopment plan. At the final sale, the Integral Group’s contributions resulted in substantial private investment and the replacement of approximately 1,500 out of the 4,500 lost jobs after GM’s plant closure.

Realizing the Full Potential of Urban Living

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