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Senior Vice President

Hope Boldon


Ms. Hope C. Boldon, originally from Jamaica, is the Senior Vice President for Human Capital of Integral. Ms. Boldon initially worked with Integral’s Community Development Division in 1993 as a consultant, in the design and implementation of Integral’s first large scale Community Development project, Centennial Place. In 2000, she became CEO of its Human Development Division, the Integral Youth and Family Project LLC (IYFP). In 2014, Ms. Boldon assumed her current duties and responsibilities of SVP. Ms. Boldon has 40 years of experience in the fields of Macro Economic Planning as well as Human and Organization Development. In her early career, she served as a Macro Economic Planner for 15 years with the Trinidad & Tobago’s Ministry of Planning and Development, as well as, its Industrial Development Corporation. During 1990-1993, Ms. Boldon conducted MBE disparity studies in a number of US state agencies that received Federal funding, in New York, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Ohio. In 1995 she provided Community Outreach and Sensitivity Training for the Hartsfield –Jackson Atlanta Airport, and implemented MBE Outreach Programs in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. She also trained the Envoys for the 1996 Games. Ms. Boldon has been a part of the Integral’s Community Development Division’s successful implementation of comprehensive programs to revitalize severely distressed public housing communities, in Atlanta, Richmond, Pittsburgh and Denver. The program created by Integral has become designated ‘The Atlanta Model’ by HUD. During her leadership of IYFP, Ms. Boldon was instrumental in the transformation of over 20,000 public housing families, while managing a budget of over $25 million. Ms. Boldon has also provided consulting services to Housing Authorities around the country in areas of staff development, program design and implementation, relocation and community engagement. Clients include Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Richmond Housing Authority, DC Housing Authority, and a number of Authorities in Georgia. Ms. Boldon completed her undergraduate studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economic Planning. She received a Diploma in Project Management at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, and a Master of Science in Human & Organization Development from Georgia State University, Atlanta. In 2005, Ms. Boldon’s contribution to the Title VI Task Force, and presentation to the US Senate Committee were formally recognized by Senator Barbara Mikulski after presentation. In November 2011, based on the success of the Atlanta Model, she was requested by the Congressional SubCommittee on Finance and Housing, to provide expert testimony on the issue of, ‘support frameworks for families receiving HUD subsidies’. She has served as an expert on panels related to human development and community development, and served on the Atlanta Mayor’s Board of Service between 2012 and 2015. She served as Vice Chair of the Dekalb County WorkSource Board. She has lived for extensive periods in Jamaica, Canada, Trinidad, and the USA. She has been a founding member of numerous theatrical and educational non-profit organizations in the Atlanta Caribbean Community and has received numerous awards in recognition of her service and contributions.



  • Dekalb County WorkSource Board Vice-Chair (2017-2021)
  • West Side Future Board (2018-2022)