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Senior Vice President – Corporate Communications

Richard A. White


Richard A. White brings invaluable expertise to his role as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Integral. With a focus on strategic planning and execution, he oversees various aspects of the company’s communications, including organizational branding, corporate and executive communications, public affairs, media relations, community engagement, and investor communications. Mr. White’s association with Integral began in 1995 when he started serving as an external advisor to the company, and he later joined the company in a senior leadership capacity. He considers his involvement in redefining urban policy, community development, and corporate responsibility through Integral as some of the most rewarding work in his career. Prior to joining Integral, Mr. White accumulated a wealth of experience as an advisor to corporate executives and government leaders across diverse industries. His expertise spanned sectors such as real estate, hospitality, transportation, public education, professional associations, and international trade. Drawing from his extensive background, he successfully led public affairs and engagement initiatives, managed crisis communications, and directed public education campaigns in major media markets across the United States, including Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oakland, and Miami. As Integral continues to expand its footprint both domestically and internationally, the company remains deeply committed to making a positive impact in the communities it invests in. Mr. White plays a pivotal role in aligning Integral’s business practices with social responsibility initiatives. Leveraging his experience and expertise, he ensures that the company’s growth and success go hand in hand with fostering positive change in the communities it serves. Mr. White holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Colorado State University. This educational background has provided him with a strong foundation for his career in communications and public affairs. With his comprehensive skill set and unwavering dedication to excellence, Mr. White continues to enhance Integral’s reputation, foster meaningful relationships with stakeholders, and drive impactful community engagement as the company evolves and thrives.