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President – Single Family Housing (d/b/a, Levanta Residential)

Tayani Odeleye


Tayani Odeleye is the President & CEO of Levanta Residential, the singlefamily development affiliate of The Integral Group. The mission of this new company is to increase homeownership and wealth building in Black and brown communities using various approaches to products and services. One approach embraces new urbanism planning principles by developing singlefamily neighborhoods based on “missing middle” building solutions. Another creates a pool of new landlords and their rent-to-own purchasers, creating a regular flow of renters who transition to ownership. Tayani most recently worked for the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, leading all real estate development and asset management functions for the company. The firm’s pipeline and portfolio included a wide mix of single-family and multifamily properties. She has a long history of managing diverse teams that include a core staff as well as an array of consultants and contractors who perform land acquisition, site analysis, design and engineering, construction, property rental and sales, and residentcentered activities. Tayani is passionate about utilizing specialized financing tools from both the public and private sectors to create and preserve affordable housing in mixed income environments. She has a depth of experience in sourcing subsidy from local and national funding programs, and then combining these dollars with private capital to support impactful community development transactions. She sees affordable housing initiatives as critical components of stable mixed income neighborhoods, especially in urban spaces with burgeoning gentrification.